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Upcoming Spring


Fundraiser Name: Star Card
Chairpersons: Karen Suing and Rona Schaecher
Description: A half sheet of paper with stars on it. Each star will represent a dollar amount. Each MAMS student will receive a card. They will go around asking for people to donation one of the star amounts to save middle school sports.
This will give the student ownership to helping raise money.
Awards: Ice cream or rootbeer floats for kids who returned a full card.
Fundraiser: Donation Letter
Chairperson: Christi Seiler, Jodi Arritola, Jennfer Hill
Description: letters to businesses and students will be edited and distributed ASAP. Requesting donations be sent in by May 1. Grades 5th – 8th will be sent home “request for name” letters



Fundraiser: Plant Sale
Chairpersons: Christi Seiler and Jodi Arritola
Description: Selling plants
Fundraiser: Tamales Sale
Chairpersons: Christi Seiler, Belinda Susee
Helpers: Nancy Hernandez,Julia Garcia, Reyna Perez, Kim Moreno
Description: $15-$20 a dozen. Pre-orders only.  
Fundraiser: Alumni Basketball Tournament
Chairpersons: Kerri Hall,Rylan Traeger, Jennifer Hill
Description: More information soon


Fundraiser: Box Tops
Chairperson: Stacey Kleinschmit

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